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 Issues with Faction Management

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PostSubject: Issues with Faction Management   Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:00 pm

I spoke to Unoriginal Gangster today and I found out that FM is not really happy the way we do this thing of ours. He specifically told me how sad he was the way we communicate and the way we use our system that doesn't work within the server rules.

First issue was with the alternative accounts and metagaming. To keep it short, information must be passed in character ways in order to know about it. I'll throw an example with Tito Guizar, not because I don't like it or whatever, but only because he was mentioned in the conversation. Tito Guizar has a wifey on the outside, Rosalina Velez. Tito holds turf in a specific area and wants the given Sureno set to be taxed. He sends his wife in order to collect and introduce to the whole game in general. So basically how's it happening know is that information wasn't passed via phone call or a letter, which brings to the second issue and I'm gonna talk it a little bit later. So from now on there must be a valid communication between characters and it doesn't even matter if you're the owner of both. Phone call will not work for obvious reasons, but letter will. I'd like everyone who is seeing this to acknowledge it and do it within the server rules, because SADOC is not able to investigate. Plus metagaming and powergaming bs.

Second issue is with the letters. We used to send letters left and right, saying it was passed through a prison trustee and such. However, SADOC is not aware of it and never will be. You can call it whatever, metagaming or powergaming, it doesn't matter. If you send a letter it must go through SADOC first and if they accept it, only then it must land to the original receiver. It also counts if you're sending a letter from your main account to your alternative account, in most cases the one you roleplay on the outside and represent a carnal. I'm not entirely sure how we gonna work with this, but before I talk to ISU I want some feedback or perhaps your input to this, because it's really important if we want to progress and achieve something with this faction.

Bad news as it is, but I was told PEN1 are doing this and if they can I'm more than sure we can pull it off, too. Right?

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Jose Yepez

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PostSubject: Re: Issues with Faction Management   Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:34 am

Still relevant.
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PostSubject: Re: Issues with Faction Management   Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:40 am

I'll make some changes and post it for everyone to read.
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PostSubject: Re: Issues with Faction Management   

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Issues with Faction Management
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